• Self Catering
  • Sleeps 2 Adults
  • 16th C. Building
  • City Centre
  • Airport  Pickup
  • Free WiFi


Here are some of the publications and websites who have reviewed Valletta G-House..


Lover’s nest

The Guardian Travel section featured Valletta G-House amongst the Five Best Valentine’s Escapes. The British newspaper mentioned Valletta along with Paris and Venice (21.01.06). “A period house with huge oil paintings on limestone walls is a suitable setting for big romantic gestures”.


Holidays Special

The credit crunch will not come in the way of Elle magazine’s readership. Elle’s December issue is all good news, featuring Hip New Destinations for every budget. And guess what, the first on the list is our very own boutique accommodation “a chic apartment in a 16th century townhouse.” Elle goes on to describe the house “crammed with original features” and also comes up with some trendy entertainment options.


Homes from Home

City breaks are all the craze. Cheap flights mean you can consider spending the weekend in a European city of your liking and not spend a fortune. Nicola Eseard of The Observer Magazine recommends apartments for a unique city break. “This utterly romantic apartment is housed in a 16th-century building situated in the heart of Valletta, capital of the island of Malta – and one of Europe’s most unsung cities.” writes Eseard – “Sleeping two, the apartment exudes opulence, from the crossed stone arches to the Maltese limestone and the artwork in the living room, the richly tiled flooring and the hanging tapestry in the bedroom to the wooden carved balcony.”


Epitome of local way of life

Travel writer Raffaella Piovan and photographer Alfio Garozzo went looking for the best accommodations in the baroque city of Valletta for the October 2012 issue of Italian travel magazine Bell’Europa. They picked out Valletta G-House as epitome of local way of life – “Un vero esempio di stile di vita locale” going on to write that the ambience of the house is art-directed down to the last detail, its colours and furnishings an expression of the owners’ style and passion – “Qui l’atmosfera e’ curata in ogni dettaglio; colori e arredi esprimono gusti e passioni dei padroni di casa”


Wonderfully romantic

Richard Green’s Travel Clinic answers readers’ travel problems. On being asked to recommend a self-catering rental in Malta, he has no hesitation. “For something wonderfully romantic, the Valletta G-House is ideal.” he writes “You enter this dazzling 16th century townhouse via a small door on a quiet street near Fort St Elmo. The bedroom has a striking tiled floor, a large oak bed, beams and a traditional Maltese balcony.”


Portuguese Travel mag

April 2009’s Rotas e Destinos is the latest publication to mention the G-House on a glossy six spread feature on the islands. For the sake of those amongst you who speak the language (and for the nice search engines who trawl the net), here is what the article had to say about us:

“No que toca a alojamento, a oferta hoteleira abunda em Malta. No entanto, alugar uma casa num bairro popular da capital proporciona certamente uma experiência especial. Primeiro projecto do género de Aldo Gatt, director de arte na área da publicidade a residir em Londres, a G-House é um boutique place num edifício do século XVI. Cruza o seu hobby de recuperar casas e o trabalho, através, por exemplo, do grande quadro que ornamenta o quarto, baseado num clássico de Eugène Delacroix mas resultante de uma foto do inglês Tim Flach, feita para uma campanha da luta contra o cancro. Está já alugada até Agosto, provavelmente com a ajuda da divulgação em revistas internacionais.”

We are exceptionally flattered… we think.”


Can’t be beaten for romance

Top 10 Malta & Gozo guidebook features Valletta G-House amongst the top 10 characterful places to stay in, calling it “unusual and charming”. The travel writer Mary-Anne Gallagher goes on to write – “It can’t be beaten for romance.”


Romantically quaint

The 23rd issue of the interior design magazine Homeworks features Valletta G-House in a series of articles about maximum use of space. The editor Lisa Borain writes of a house that is “romantically quaint, without the feel of the diminutive”. With atmospheric photos by Brian Grech and Alan Carville, the article describes how Valletta G-House “was formerly part of a larger and grander house, the entrance to which is now the hallway of flats in Republic Street.”


“You’ll need to book early to snare time at this sumptuous apartment”

Lonely Planet tags Valletta G-House with its Top Choice selection. The travel writer Carolyn Bain writes of “Affordable luxury and lashings of local character” when describing Valletta G-House using words such as “grand”, “gorgeous” and “glamorous”.


The rooms echo with stories of those who lived there before

Valletta G-House features in The Malta Sunday Independent’s glossy magazine Flair. This edition is dedicated to Valletta and includes an interview with the owner. “The house is not flamboyantly decorated – that might have proved too much for such a small space, but it is almost as colourful as its human neighbours and personalised with memorabilia and photographs”.

Information for travel writers & editors

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